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My 10 gigabit fiber ethernet home setup on a budget

(or: how to get an enterprise 10 GbE NIC link up without using proprietary tools)

Published on by Jurriaan Pruis

For my home office I was looking to upgrade my network, which ended up being quite an adventure, since the NICs I chose didn’t work out of the box.

I wanted to get some experience with setting up fiber ethernet links and also to get more performance out of my NAS. This way I can directly edit RAW photos on my SMB share without getting too annoyed about loading times.

While researching my options I stumbled upon a company that was selling 10GbE PCIe adapters for only 19 EUR per adapter. This shows that it should be possible to create a relatively affordable setup connecting three machines together.

Emulex OneConnect OCe11102 NIC

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